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3 Design Elements You Need To Master This Christmas

Posted on December 13 2019

Twas the night before Christmas, that you decided to set up your dinner table and found out that something was missing!

We all go through that stage when we are planning our family gatherings and dinners during Christmas, rushing to buy more decorations or scouring through our old ones trying to get that “Just about right “amount of Jolly to our tables! But what is that? Like really! We tend to randomly work with what we have or scroll through Pinterest for inspiration but do you know how to start or when to finish? or do you depend totally on your visual reference and space available?

Today we will guide you through the Christmas table decorations process using 3 main design elements that will make your task a bit easier and less stressful so you can enjoy this Christmas dinner with your family and friends and enjoy the complements all through the endless meal courses!

The main purpose of these three decor elements is to manipulate space and create a joyous sight that plays well with the combination of colour, light and reflection.


You might start with the traditional idea of using the 3 main colours of Christmas: Red, Green and Brown, and that is a good point to begin with, but make sure you add whites to this strong pallet. To be honest we think white is king when it comes to Christmas decorations as it balances the strong alertness of red, the calming green and the chill earthy brown. The best thing you can do is add a useful decoration of whites by using white tableware to serve the colourful meals so your table does not look overcrowded once your guests start having their dinner.


A lot of people underestimate the power of a mirroring effect on a table. It adds an interesting twist where your guests would pay a second look for sure once they realise your silver serving platters or candle stands. You can also play with this concept using different shines of gold or rust. You can play along using other elements inside your dining room like mirrors, coffee tables, and eloquent rarities. Reflections give different depths to your space and add a noticeable luxurious touch to your table. 


If you do not master the light element, all your previous efforts can easily go in vain! Light can add or take from your space and layout depending on its type, colour and drop angle. You can use a spotlight style where you surround your dining table with ray lights coming from different angels or you can use the pendant ceiling lights or floor lights to illuminate the entire room setup. Some even tend to add a unique touch of lighting using statement table lamps on the table itself for a warm and cosy feel to highlight the steamy dishes!

No matter what your colour, reflection or light choice may be, make sure you always pay attention to your table dimensions and seating system to give your guests the comfort and welcome they need for your joyful evening and dinner. 



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