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Chic and Cheerful

Posted on January 27 2021

Chic and Cheerful

The chic and cheerful look can be obtained by combining elegance and quirky modern taste in your home with pastel colours, subtle patterns and delicate accessories.
The new collections are full of cheerful chic, calculated to put a smile to your face. Since the lockdowns we have been trying to uplift ,elevate and bring joy to a space.
It’s been a dull, dreary ,grey winter so we need to bring sunshine into our living space. The intention behind our new ranges is to instill a sense of optimism and joy, to act in our own small way as a distraction to the dark times we’ve been facing.

The Sophie Conran Dishware are simple and minimalistic designs that scream elegance, especially for your family dinners. This all-white dishware will surely bring out all the colours of the meal you're preparing.

The Miss Etoile Lace Teapot. It looks very cute and reminds me of my childhood watching Beauty and the Beast as a little girl, making me feel like living in a castle!

Of course, the experience wouldn't be complete without the Miss Etoile Teapot and Saucer. These are a must-have if you get the Lace Teapot. Although if you're a fan of coffee, we also have a Coffee mug of the Miss Etoile.

What do you think about the Miss Etoile Candy Egg Cup? They're perfectly stacked together and always attract my kid’s attention and sometimes I feel like it was a bad idea to put candy in them. Nevertheless, they look beautiful in the  kitchen and I sure am not parting with these babies!

                                                So how about it?