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6 Easy Decorating Ideas to Bring Summer into Your Home

Posted on June 30 2022

Summer Home Design Tips That Will Keep Your House Cool — urdesignmag

Get your summer fix all year round by brightening up your home with these stunning summer home decor ideas that ooze warmth and cheer. Unfortunately, British summers are incredibly variable. Back-to-back sunny days are not guaranteed. In fact, it's reasonable to predict that it will probably rain. Regardless, we're putting thoughts of rain and gloomy days to one side and considering how we may create a summery atmosphere inside our home. So, even if it's cloudy outside, we can still enjoy the atmosphere of a summertime, fresh feeling interior without leaving the house.




Decorate with abundant greenery. Additionally, even though incorporating plants into your house may seem simple, the value of leafy plants and greenery is frequently undervalued. While real plants are preferable, artificial plants can be used as a hassle-free substitute. Plus, watering is not a concern. You'll be stunned at the impact that a few basic greenery can have in a room. To start creating a botanical vibe, add 1–2 green plants, like our well-liked artificial succulents in a container.




Rattan is perfect for creating an exotic, summertime feels in your home. The organic texture brings rusticity to any space. Often associated with tropical holidays in the sunshine, rattan is a simple way to bring warmth and texture to your home in an instant. Rattan furniture, wicker armchairs, rattan baskets, and seagrass accessories will all add that chilled-out seaside vibe.



According to colour psychology, yellow symbolises energy, happiness, optimism and joy. It is also associated with the sun, making the colour yellow a perfect summer decorating idea. One of the simplest summer decorating ideas to incorporate yellow is to swap out your soft furnishings. Try styling a lightweight throw blanket or cushion on a wooden kitchen bench or armchair for a pop of colour. These yellow shades are certain to bring the summer in and lighten your mood when the weather's not so bright.



If you're missing the beach, summer-inspired home fragrances are the perfect answer. Opt for fresh and light scents, with rustic wooden reeds reminiscent of beach house decor, or opt for a fresh hue. Close your eyes and take a deep breath to transport yourself somewhere warmer.


Adding a dash of colour to a room is probably one of the easiest summer home decor ideas. An injection of colour is an instant way to create a joyful, bright home, perfect for the summer months, whatever the weather may bring. Opting for warmer and happier tones like yellows and pinks will help lift the mood, while greens and blues can help you feel calm and connected to nature.



Summer is all about dining alfresco, which means enjoying a meal outside. You can add a summery feel to your kitchen by updating your tableware. If you prefer to stay inside your luxury home, transforming your outdoor space for an alfresco dining experience is always a good idea. There is nothing quite like enjoying your hearty lunch under the refreshing summer sun.



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