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Top 10 Furniture Trends For 2020

Posted on December 26 2019

If you are a design enthusiast, then the beginning of year is your favourite time of all! And this year it’s nothing but excitement of new directions of Styles, designs, and colours, that will get you all hyped up for an awesome year ahead! The year 2020 has a few great and exciting styles in store for you, so if you are looking to redesign your home, this year is definitely your makeover year!

The furniture trends of 2020

#1 Beds

In 2020, you can expect designs to incline towards upholstery. Beds with wooden frames and metal headboards are a thing of the past. If you wish to stay current, you can opt for an upholstered bed next year.

#2 Chairs

The new wave of trends suggests smart placement of chairs in your living area. Mix the seating arrangement up and add quirky chairs to your traditional sofas. Chairs with patterns and pastel shades will be all the rage in 2020.

#3 Lamps

Lamps are never going out of fashion. So, invest in an edgy and modern lamp in 2020. All designs will revolve around modern architecture and styles. Every element in your house needs to have a fresh and modern touch. So, geometric lamps with bright lights are the way to go.

#4 Storage

We all face that I have no space problem which leaves us with the ugly mess around, yet a house needs to be functional and aesthetically pleasing! the how to here is to make sure your storage facilities are smart and multipurpose. Invest in bookshelves that have ample storage.

#5 Metallic frames

Metallic frame shelves and wall hangings are the newest trends in home furnishing. Nothing screams modern louder than metallic accents. We highly recommend you opt for silver or gold metallic shelves for your homes.

#6 Natural elements

You could take a 180-degree turn from modernization and completely go for a natural style. This will include artisanal armchairs and décor, including plants. You could incorporate both modern styles and artisanal designs to come up with something new, do not worry... the green touch will always leave your place looking better than before regardless of your style.

#7 Modern styles

Modern design is anything geometric and bold. A minimalist approach with your furnishing can do wonders for your home. Make sure your items are precise, clean, and subdued.

#8 Fabrics

Fabrics play an important role in furniture. This upcoming year expects the usage of quirky printed fabrics. Usage of unusual fabrics like denim is also anticipated.

#9 Photo frames 

Add a personal touch to any surrounding by adding photo frames. Use metal frames with minimal accents to channel modern designs.

#10 Additional décor 

The peace is in the details. The addition of jars, vases, and lanterns is a great way to complete the new look of your house. This addition can help you personalize your home. Remember, every element contributes to the style of your home.

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