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Environmentally Friendly

Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse Is More than a Motto

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword here at SAK Home Decor. It’s a big part of what drives us. We take every step possible to fulfill each customers’ wish in an ecologically sound manner.

SAK Home Decor is determined to contribute to protecting our environment whilst providing support to our society where it’s most needed. To help reduce our impact on the environment, SAK Home Decor has partnered with the Reuse Network, a national organization committed to helping society alleviate the negative effects excess waste has on our environment.

It’s Our Way of Doing Business

By working with a network of UK charities and retailers, Reuse redirect millions of household items away from landfill sites and are instead provided to charities that offer affordable household items for people with low incomes. Most of the items collected by the Reuse charities require upcycling, providing training, and employment opportunities.

When it comes to furniture, the amount of waste produced each year is staggering. For example, UK citizens throw away approximately 22 million piece of furniture each year. This refuse primarily ends up in landfills, though more than 50 percent can be recycled.

The Impact of Reuse

Recycling furniture has helped 1.55 million household, provided $488 million of household savings, and saved almost 130,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

When delivering customers’ new SAK Home décor, we can collect old furniture to be upcycled by Reuse charities.