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We all want a bed that we can just dive into as soon as we get in.  
It’s essential that the bedroom have all the right components that
make it comfortable, cozy and refreshing.

Tip 1. Add More Throws

You can make your bed feel super cozy by just adding throws.
Layer your bed full of throws that will make it irresistible to jump into. 

Tip 2. Add More Cushions & Pillow

Cushions and pillow makes you more comfortable, add more color and style.

Tip 3. Add Scents of Living

Using a room diffuser is probably the easiest way to dispense 
these benefits into the air so as to improve your health, 
boost your energy and promote good sleep, among others.
Candles and Diffusers can fill a room with the natural fragrance.

Tip 5. Keep It Warm And Bright

Copper, rose gold and pink are trending colors at the moment. 
The colour of cushions and the wall are contrasting and
add to the minimal look in the room.