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Why Klarna?

Paying after delivery allows you to try before you buy and is the easiest way to shop online. Complete the payment 30 days after purchase at no added cost. Report returns directly in our app and only pay for the items that you keep.

Buy now, pay later is an alternative to credit and gives you the flexibility to shop what you want, when you want, without breaking the bank. When you split the cost of your purchase into 4 smaller payments with Klarna, you’ll never pay any interest. Ever.

Pay later with our shopping app.

Download our free app and get shopping tips tailored to you, exclusive deals and the freedom to shop anywhere and pay how you prefer.

The Klarna app just got a new best friend, Klarna for Chrome. It's our new extension that lets you Pay in 4 anywhere, directly from desktop. You can still manage all your payments from the app.

Payment solutions.

Offer Klarna’s buy-now-pay later products, like Pay in 4, Pay in 30 days, and Financing to give your customers the ultimate flexibility and keep them coming back for more. Once you become our partner, we'll continually drive new customers to you from our app, website, and other channels. For businesses of all sizes.

Changes to Klarna

At Klarna, we want to provide a healthier, more sustainable way for our customers to shop and access credit. As part of our efforts to further encourage healthy spending habits, we’re introducing late fees for purchases made on or after the 16th March, 2023 using our BNPL payment methods in the UK.

What’s happening?
As of the 16th March, 2023, we’re introducing a late fee to our Pay in 3 and Pay in 30 days payment options. Customers will only be charged late fees if they have failed to pay after they have received multiple friendly reminders to encourage repayment, and after the set grace period has passed. More details on the fees’ structure will be outlined in our revised customer T&Cs.

Will this affect already ongoing payment plans with Klarna?
No, late fees will only apply to new purchases made with Klarna’s Pay in 3 and Pay in 30 days options on or after the 16th March, 2023.