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Meet SAK Home Decor

Our Passion Is Making Your Home Beautiful

At SAK Home Decor, we’re obsessed with bringing you modern, stylish, and affordable home decor. It’s about finding that perfect piece of furniture, that vase that sparks a conversation, or the dinnerware that will make your gues.

Our obsession started with our founder, Sadia Malik, who grew up traveling the globe with her family. An entrepreneur, Sadia’s father’s work brought them to places like Nepal, Germany, Iran, and Austria. Sadia reveled in how people from so many different cultures all found unique ways to express themselves through their home decor. Fueling her creativity and love for objects that tell a story, Sadia and her mother would spend hours combing antique markets and home decor stores wherever they went, always searching for those pieces that spoke to them on a personal level.

After 25 years in investment banking, Sadia wanted to focus on her love for interior design, and joined Lifestyle London Design & Build, a kitchen design and renovation firm. But she inherited her father’s entrepreneurial spirit and knew she wanted to do something more attuned to people’s love for curated home decor.

So, in May 2019, Sadia launched SAK Home Decor, an e-commerce site dedicated to delivering high-quality, stylish, and affordable home decor and furniture. Inspired by her own travels as a child, Sadia and her team scour the globe to find the best decor to bring every room in the home a special touch. And she hopes you find each piece as exciting and enticing as she does.