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Measuring and Weighing:
  • Multipurpose, space-saving measuring jug set which includes a juicer, egg separator and strainer in one easy, stackable unit.
  • With a fantastic capacity of up to one pint or 550ml, and with a Tritan glass body, the measuring jug is perfect for measuring and pouring all sorts of liquids, from gravy and custards to juices and sauces.
  • Featuring a juicer, an egg separator and a strainer, the set has a clever stacking design that means you can simply stack into one handy space-saving set when you’re done.
  • With both metric and imperial measurements listed on the side of the jug, you can follow both measurements without the need for conversion.
  • Made from robust Tritan glass, the jug’s body is perfect for microwaving for when you need to heat sauces up in a hurry and comes in a range of bright colours to suit your kitchen décor.
  • If you’re cooking from a recipe and need exact measurements, this measuring jug set is an essential addition to your kitchenware. Comprising a measuring jug, juicer, egg separator and strainer, all these utensils can be easily stacked together into a compact set.
  • Available in a range of fresh, bold colours, the entire set is free from BPA. The jug’s body and spout are made using sturdy Tritan glass, making them extremely durable and resistant to absorbing odours or colours from other ingredients. That means you can use them for a whole variety of foods — from sugary toppings to rich sauces, without worrying about cross-contamination.
  • With a large capacity of one pint or 550ml, this jug is ideal for bigger bakes and recipes that require the precise measurement of liquid ingredients. Taking up just a fraction of space, the juicer can be neatly stacked inside the jug, and when you use it, every drop of juice will drop directly into the jug.
  • For recipes that call for just the whites or the yolks of eggs, or if they need to be added individually, the egg separator saves you time, prevents mess and makes the most of your ingredients. Just place it over the jug, then crack an egg to catch the yellow yolk and let the white drop into the jug below. When making sauces, just pop on the straining lid to remove lumps before serving.
  • Our measuring jug set includes everything you need to complete a range of culinary tasks and can be matched with other innovative products in the Venn range.

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